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  • Jake Mercier

    Jake Mercier

    Writer and editor of The Streaming Surge on Substack — chronicling the digital Streaming War in an exciting and digestible bi-monthly newsletter to your inbox.

  • The Backstage Blogger

    The Backstage Blogger

    If you wanna know the know-hows and the secrets of the script to screen voodoo’s — let me be your tour guide.

  • Billie Huang

    Billie Huang

    Mizzou student | Here’s what I’m listening to: https://itunes.apple.com/profile/billiehuang

  • Samuel Forster

    Samuel Forster

    words in @ArcDigi

  • Shruti Gautam

    Shruti Gautam

    Student constantly learning. Self-diagnosed movie addict. Currently based in MO.

  • Zain Syed

    Zain Syed

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