I’ve written a few of these blog-like posts this last year to help sort out my ever-straying thoughts. It’s been nice putting pen to paper, finger to key, and heart to consideration in all the challenges I’ve been met with. Writing was never something I would have considered pursuing before last year, but like many others came to understand, 2020 allowed us to learn more about ourselves than we expected to.

It’s close to unfathomable to think that only ten months ago I was attending school in D.C.. Now, I feel that almost every aspect of my life has transformed…

I’ve always enjoyed getting my hair cut. When I was younger, my hair was always cut nice and tight with the help of our family friend, Melodi, and her salon. In high school, I would venture into new styles with the occasional ‘flow’. Melodi had always told me my hair was great for trying out new styles, and I gladly took advantage of that. Nevertheless, I paid close attention to my hair.

By my senior year of high school, I was taking on positions within my work life that required me to maintain my hair more nicely. …

I was sent home from school in mid-March when COVID-19 began to breakout. I first heard about the virus in January, but could not fathom the extent its effects would have on our society. I had just started a new life out on my own for the first time in the great big world; I was supposed to be an adult taking on new challenges. Everything I had planned was shattered when my school closed, I was sent back to the drawing board.

I’d be lying if I said everything was perfect in my first year of college. This was…

Drive-in front (New York Post)

Moviegoing is a unique experience — it’s the opportunity to immerse ourselves into a story. We make our way to the big screens for an experience our streaming platforms can’t provide. It’s something about that theatre popcorn and silver screen that allows ourselves to become one with the film.

The theatre offers many of us some of our fondest memories. Maybe, it was a theatre that became your local hangout. Was it here you had your first kiss? Or your trip to the movie theatre made you realize you had a fascination for film.

It’s fair to say the theatre…

Drew Morris

Missourian, student /// I just write about whatever I want to.

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